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Modern times

The 20th century introduced big industrial changes

The photograph below is our most precious one. It concerns a family picture which was taken on 10 February 1921, to celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary of Abraham van Wijnbergen and Hendrika van Dantzig.

WJ van den Bos in 1912
From left to right, standing: Benjamin Leiser, unknown, David Henri van Dantzig, Margaretha (Gré) van Dantzig, Andries Samuel van Wijnbergen, Martha van
Buuren, .. Franco, mister Smit. Sitting at the table: Eva Leiser-Van Dantzig, unknown, Zus van Dantzig, Abraham van Wijnbergen, Hendrika van Wijnbergen-Van
Dantzig, Rosalie Trompetter-Van Wijnbergen, Henny Trompetter, David Trompetter.
Description of the people on the picture:
The picture of Betty Trompetter is not part of the original photo, and obviously has been pasted on the photo (above the baby Henny Trompetter).
Eva Leiser-Van Dantzig was a child of Benjamin van Dantzig - a brother of Hendrika van Dantzig who has died young in 1906 - and Saartje Spanjaard. Benjamin Leiser was her husband.
David Henri van Dantzig was also a child of Benjamin and Saartje, he owned a shop in tropical outfits in Rotterdam and was bachelor.
Margaretha (Gré) van Dantzig too was a child of Benjamin and Saartje, she was a sculptor.
Andries Samuel van Wijnbergen was son of Abraham van Wijnbergen and Hendrika van Dantzig.
Martha Franco-Van Buuren was the daughter of Hendrika van Dantzig's sister Hanna who was widow of Samuel Willem van Buuren, mr. Franco was Martha's husband. Rosalie Trompetter-Van Wijnbergen was daughter of Abraham van Wijnbergen and Hendrika van Dantzig. David Trompetter was her husband, Betty and Henny their children.
Mister Smit was a friend of the family.

HM Wijnants
Henricus Marinus Wijnants
HM Wijnants
Elisabeth Petronella Maria Schmitz
These pictures of Henricus Marinus Wijnants and Elisabeth Petronella Maria Schmitz - my (Hans) great grandparents - I discovered on the internet at the homepage of Patsy Coldenhoff.
Henricus Marinus was beer trader and later lantern lighter in Den Haag. As little kid I remember him, he died at the age of 89.
Elisabeth Petronella Maria has been woman grocer. She was born in Zutphen and died young at the age of 45.

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