Date modified 16 mei 2010

Text of the document found in the Delft archives describing the inheritance of Jan Willemsz van Bosch:

Notary T van H act no 2160 fol 55 - 12 Nov 1677
Inheritance of Jan Willems van Bosch 6 November 1677

Inventory of the belongings and goods left by jan willemsz van bosch.
deceased at 6th November of this year 16 seventyseven here in Delft who has left five children named
willem jansz van bosch,
johannes jansz age 22 years,
Lena jansz age 15 years,
Joris jansz age 11 years
and Magdaleentge jans age 9 years
all conceived by him with Ariaentge jans during her life being his housewife.

An old bed with a pillow,
An old small bed without a pillow,
a green blanket,
a crib,
a twined basket,
a half blanket,
four pictures,
a carriage,
a basket with rubbish,
a hanging iron,
a small rack,
a deep plate,
a small table,
A small couch,
a bucket,
a quelling pot,
an iron pot,
a small couch,
a basket with rubbish,
a spoon holder,
a milk sleeve,
a plier,
two small dishes,
an axe,
Three chairs,
a small grate.


Catharina van hout, becomes twenty weeks rent of 8 sts per week, amounting to the total of eight guilders - 8 gld.